About Us

SPOC Proteomics is a deep-tech life sciences startup that has developed a transformative new proteomic biosensor platform termed sensor-integrated proteome-on-chip (SPOC). SPOC Proteomics offers the world’s first and only platform that provides simultaneous quantitative, qualitative, and kinetic data in a single assay at scale, to support drug and vaccine development, protein biomarker discovery, and diagnostics. SPOC enables up to 2400 unique full-length folded proteins per single biosensor chip, for simultaneous analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and up to 10,000 protein targets per chip for mass spectrometry analysis. SPOC chip proteins are produced in ~4 hours from an array of plasmid DNA with cell-free human lysate and simultaneously captured directly onto biosensor chip surfaces. This unique protein production method circumvents challenges and expense of traditional recombinant protein workflows, reducing costs 10-100x and substantially decreasing production time. Our mission is to utilize SPOC to democratize high-throughput kinetic proteomic screens and facilitate early disease detection – ultimately enabling disease preemption.