Sensor Integrated Proteome on Chip (SPOC) Technology

Sensing of upto 500 different protein interactions, simultaneously

Sensing of upto 500 different protein interactions, simultaneously
INanoBio’s Sensor Integrated Proteome on Chip (SPOC) platform combines three key features to facilitate kinetic measurements and detection of protein interactions using surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) in high throughput, at low cost:

1. Simultaneous in situ expression of thousands of proteins from DNA in nanoliter volume wells (nanowells)

Proteins of interest are expressed fused to a common capture tag (in-frame) using human cell-free expression lysate. A unique protein is expressed in each nanowell from respective gene (plasmid DNA), spatially separating production of thousands of proteins on a nanowell array slide. This process drastically reduces cost by forgoing the need to prior express, purify, and print hundreds of proteins.

2. Capture purification of protein monolayers on a gold biosensor slide

During the expression process, the fused capture tags bind covalently (or non-covalently, if needed) to a gold biosensor chip surface coated with capture ligand. This results in a monolayer of pure protein presented at each spot on the array, on the SPRi biosensor chip, ready for analysis.

3. Simultaneous kinetic analysis of all arrayed proteins using SPRi real-time biosensing

The end product of nanoscale expression + capture of proteins → is a gold biosensor chip arrayed with over 500 discrete spots of covalently-bound proteins in a 1 cm2 area, ready for simultaneous label-free kinetic analysis against your analyte of interest.